fredag 12 februari 2010

Scratch and sniff

Yeah. We were sitting around at lunch
and she pointed at a ball and said,

Erin says nothing, just stares out at the empty highway,
feeling all hollowed-out.

I'd never seen that before -- someone's
first word. Pretty intense.

(det här är min bild av kärlek)

And all the girls go:
Wanna cum over?
We can kick it by the pool.
And um, do other stuff too.
And a century long neverending blowjob where I say:
-gbbb blogg bloggg bloag bloag gbgb mff mff glagg glall glaggg.
You guys make me feel so special.

Det är viktigt att äta frukt och grönt.
Ta en banan.
Puss puss.
Erin Broccoli.


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